EMS therapy

EMS, or Electrical Muscle Stimulation, is a non-invasive, drug-free method to strengthen and rehabilitate muscles with a low volt stimulation. It stimulates motor nerves, causing muscle contraction. Contraction and relaxation of muscles can treat a variety of conditions effectively. An injured muscle experiences little to no movement. EMS therapy treats this by using low voltages, which stimulate motor nerves and cause involuntary muscular contractions. It also helps:

client getting EMS Therapy on shoulders
  • Improve joint pain and swelling
  • Prevent and reverse muscle loss of muscle mass/tissue
  • Enhance rehabilitation of muscles
  • Increase range of motion for tense muscles or tendons
  • Reduce stress and discomforty
  • Improve blood flow and circulation

It is commonly used in hospitals and sports clinics to treat muscle injuries and re-educate paralyzed muscles and prevent atrophy in the affected muscles. Give the team at Health Atlast Cornelius Chiropractic a call to talk about electric muscle stimulation and whether you are a candidate for the therapy.

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